Who We Are

The Blackland Community Development Corporation (BCDC) was incorporated in August 1983.

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Acme Volunteers Corner

The Dream Starts Here.
Get involved and help out by volunteering with Blackland CDC.

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Getting Help

Resources for food, affordable housing, paying bills, temporary shelter, section 8 openings and more.

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In 2014, the BCDC matched 4,000 volunteer hours with donations of materials and money to complete the Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory. The Conservatory has since hosted 160 meetings of community organizations, provided a community space for recreation and has served as the offices of the property manager and caseworker for the Transitional Housing Program. We have also completed construction on a brand new home for a deserving family and have expanded our staff to include a Bookkeeper/Contract Manager.

This year BCDC will begin to build the first of six “Alley Flats”; small, one bed room houses located on the backs of large lots. Each unit costs approximately $70,000 and will require 2,000 volunteer hours. We are also securing funding for several other projects; our proposed 8-unit apartment complex, the addition of 7 homes to our housing stock, as well as repair and updating of those additional homes.

We are also partnering with the City of Austin to install a traffic circle at the intersection of 22nd and Salina Streets, an area where up to two dozen children regularly play. To provide plants and paint for the mural and island, the nonprofit needs about $1,000 while volunteers will provide several hundred hours of labor to paint, plant and maintain the traffic circle.