Support from a committed cadre of volunteers has always been a crucial component of the success of Blackland CDC. From building homes to beautifying the community, we could accomplish only a fraction of what we do without volunteers.

Group and individual volunteer projects are available at BCDC, including for those wishing to complete community service hours. BCDC offers a range of formal and informal opportunities for individuals or organizations interested in volunteering in many areas including: 

Keeping Blackland Beautiful

At Blackland CDC we need help maintaining  gardens and landscaping, picking up trash in our neighborhood, and preserving the overall beauty of the Blackland Community.

Maintaining Our Housing

Repairing and cleaning recently vacant homes. After our residents move out of one of our homes, we need help cleaning and repairing the home in preparation for new tenants.

Supporting Our Operations

Are you an architect, accountant, or IT professional? How about an artist, graphic designer, or grant writer? At Blackland CDC we can utilize the skills and efforts of individuals who are able to serve by applying their skills or talents performing professional and administrative support tasks in a wide range of areas.


Individuals and Groups interested in volunteering should contact Sarah DePriest at sdepriest@blacklandcdc.org.