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Blackland Affordable Housing Program

The Blackland Affordable Housing Program, a project of the Blackland Community Development Corporation (BCDC), provides affordable housing to low-income families with children under the age of 18 and up to the age of 21 if attending school.  Limited affordable housing services are available to individual adults with disabilities. Robert Shaw Village provides affordable housing to senior citizens (62 years old and tastylia over with no disability, 60 and over with a disability).

Affordable Housing is currently full, however you can call and be added to our call-back list to receive a call when we are accepting new applications by filling out the Prospective Applicant Form below.

buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription – Information on our housing

tastylia review – To be added to our call-back list for potential housing placement


Our Process:

We collect the contact information from all individuals who express interest in our housing using the Prospective Applicant Form, including information about their household size, income, and what type of housing in which they are interested. Housing is not guaranteed upon being placed on our call-back list. Applicants must meet certain criteria and the following process is followed in order to determine housing placement.

When a unit becomes available, our leasing process involves reaching out to everyone who contacted us and expressed interest in the type of unit now available to let them know we have an opening. We also contact agencies, providers, as well as post our openings on an affordable housing listserve. At that point, it is first come, first served. So in that sense we don’t have a “wait list” in which individuals are contacted in order based on their place on a list. We contact everyone that has expressed an interest, and it is up to the individual to respond in a timely manner in order to be considered.

So the length of time between when someone contacts us expressing interest in our housing, and the time they may potentially move in, depends on when we have openings, whether the individuals who have contacted us have maintained updated contact information, and how quickly they respond and complete the application/qualifying process for our housing when we announce an opening. It could be a really short time, or a really long time.